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Morcote, on Lake of Lugano, is one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland.


Morcote is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Located in the southern part of the country, is situated on charming Lake of Lugano (Ceresio).

Quieteness and Nature.

Characterized by its mild climate during the whole year, and for this called the Swiss Riviera is a place that affacinates tourits from all over the world. Morcote, which counts around 750 inhabitants, up to 60 years ago, was a pure fisherman's village, where fish trade was flourishing.

Lakeside and Inside

The Lakeside is romantic and has a wonderful 180° view, over parts of Switzerland, and parts of Italy. The inner side of Morcote is suprising as well. When you walk through the characteristic Strece (small streets), named by ancient and important habitats, you discover interesting spots, sights, wievs, colours, and much history.

Quieteness and Nature.

The Churches of Morcote are another Must!

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